Photo Art from Uganda: When Photo “Blunders” Turn Into Something Beautiful – Part I

Uganda is sensory overload in the best sense. During my time there, I walked, ran and drove in whatever direction the Sirens of this sultry land pulled me—pointing my camera here, there and everywhere in an attempt to capture the explosive colors, the bold patterns, the sensuous textures, all framed against a backdrop of lush vegetation and rich, red African dirt.

Then there were the people—warm and embracing with artfully sculptured faces that synchronized beautifully with the painted canvas and constant clamor of the street.

No question, Uganda is just one giant feasting table laid out with a cornucopia of goodies—all for the taking, or for the grabbing, if you’re a sensory-deprived Westerner like myself.

Here are just a few of the images I captured. (The rest can be viewed in Parts II-IV)  Some were “happy accidents”—images that had flaws (usually due to my trying to shoot from a fast moving vehicle) that I used to my advantage by creating some intriguing pieces of photo art.  Others were just as sharp and clear as I had viewed them with the naked eye.

HOUSE Latestonejpg
Grainy is sometimes good. I just loved the feeling of this one—the way the woman was leaning against the house, the single chicken in front and the man leaning out the window.  And, of course, the colors!
Again, an evocative image. This photo was taken through a bus window while driving in the rain.  You have a man with face in his hands, a guy with a confident, macho look holding something (not sure what) and the very strange, elongated face of an old man wearing a cap, most likely a Muslim.  Inside the hut, if you look closely, you can see the teeth of a smiling man. Many moods represented here.
Goth Girl. I snapped this shot while at the Dubai airport—on my way to Uganda. I really like the look and mood of this one.

Three images are enough for this post (short attention spans and all that).  Look for the next ones in my this series to be posted in the next few days.

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