Thrift ‘n Go. What do I wear when I travel? From designer to vintage (and vintage designers) … I wear it all. Then I sell it.


I love vintage. I love high-end designers. And I love vintage clothing from high-end designers—not because I’m a brand snob, but because most of the designer clothes that I like, I like because they’re unique, classic and well made. (Not cheap crapola made from “you know where” that unfortunately now floods stores like Nordstroms and Neimans.)

Often, I’ll wear these lovely items when I travel—not while traipsing around, on long airplane flights, or working up a sweat on some outdoor excursion, obviously. But when I want to look tres chic or at least comfortably chic for those places I’m assigned to go where I actually need to not look like an impoverished travel writer, I up my dressing game. (For practical travel clothing recommendations from James Perse, Duluth Traders, etc., check out my other blog post.)

Often I find these unique or classic designer and/or vintage items in a thrift store.   And I’m not ashamed to admit it. One woman’s castoff is another woman’s “Hey, it’s new to me” outfit that garners loads of compliments and makes me feel fabulous—without plunging into the debt pool.

When my thrift-store closet gets full, I turn around and sell the designer or vintage item … usually for a lot more than I paid for it.  Now that’s a win-win in my book.

I’m offering some of these clothing items (and others) now in my eBay store.  You’ll find desirable brands like Armani, Acne Studios, Prada, Mother Jeans, Lily Pulitzer, Billy Reid and Miu Miu by Prada. I have amazing vintage 50s-90s vintage clothing too—for women and men!  Check it out!




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