Images from Uganda #1 – Sights from a country where life is hard, but beauty and joy flourish.

This post is mainly image driven, with only captions to underscore the humorous and poignant moments and feelings I captured. Other images will be shared in future posts … where I feel the image warrants a larger context.

Man with bananas on bike
Car shot. I wasn’t sure what was happening with that long banana coming out of the rest of the bunch—until someone told me it was the stalk. Not what you usually see at Trader Joe’s.
vogue woman and motorcycle
This shot was an accident. I was trying to capture just the woman by herself, who was Vogue-ishly stunning in her turban and colorful stripes. Then, this motorcycle pulled up in front of me and I thought the shot was ruined. Until I saw the roll later and I said to myself … “Dang, this is cool!” Have to love how the plaid of his cycle seat complements her dress. And how she stands mannequin-like, facing the other direction … as though she doesn’t even notice him. Both have stone-faced expressions, which I discovered isn’t all that unusual in Uganda. Once you engage Ugandans, they light up, …but otherwise they have pretty inscrutable faces.
Women with sticks on head
A stroll with sticks. Inflammable “firestarters” at Home Depot are not an option..
Boy with stick
Another grainy photo due to fast moving bus that I was traveling in! But I’m posting it anyway because I like the composition. The boy’s expression is great, and the way he’s holding the stick like a toy is typical of many Ugandan children who don’t have “real” toys. His sibling in the background has his hands on his hips like a sassy grandmother. Gotta love it.


Man wheelbarrow
Looks like refuse to me, but I’m sure there’s a reason he’s hauling this stuff … somewhere.

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