Why This Blog?

” This blog is for all the powerless people, the frustrated dreamers, the aimless wanderers or those who have ever been frozen in place—sometimes for decades—too afraid to “go beyond” to live the life they were born for.”

Once you’ve tasted the real reason you’re alive, nothing else will satisfy. – Bill Johnson

What happens when you reach a certain age and you feel that life has passed you by? You had a dream—once—but it died from neglect … or one disappointment too many. You couldn’t seem to muster the confidence you needed to press through those long dry spells when nothing seemed to be happening … or find the courage to push through those storms when too much was happening. It seemed more than you could handle—more than you could bear.

Maybe it was your own doing. Or perhaps it was due to circumstances beyond your control: a divorce, a death, a disability—or just a dogged defeatist mindset that sabotaged you at every turn. If you’re like me, it could have been all of the above.

You see, while I’ve always had the heart of an adventurer—a longing to do “mighty exploits” in the unique way God made me—my life didn’t always match up to the dream. I took many detours—some out of fear and some out of just plain laziness. I just didn’t want it badly enough, and condemned myself because I didn’t.

Until now. Ironically, after finally settling down, I was set loose to fly. Not for my own selfish pursuits, but for what I ultimately believe is a cause greater than myself.

The epiphany that resulted in my metamorphosis happened late in life, but now I know that’s a good thing. Long delays, while not always understandable in the moment, are often part and parcel of our destiny. Sometimes, a work has to be wrought inside of us before we can handle what comes from the outside. As the saying goes: The Spirit won’t take you where your character can’t keep you.

There’s also another factor we have to contend with—one that’s much harder to recognize—and that is those unseen forces that don’t want us to succeed. They’re real and they’re relentless—but by no means all-powerful. Unless, of course, we grant them that power.

That’s who this blog is for—all the powerless people, the frustrated dreamers, the aimless wanderers or those who have ever been frozen in place—sometimes for decades—too afraid to “go beyond” to live the life they were born for.

Think you’re too old? Too afraid? Too set in your ways? Made too many mistakes? Then change the way you think. Because if you’re drawing breath, there’s a reason you’re alive right now … at this time and at this place—and it isn’t so you can spend your life haunted by your past, disconnected from your present or fearful of your future.

At the risk of sounding like a motivational speaker with oversized teeth (you know who you are), here’s my advice: Leave those lies and self-imposed limitations and go … start living. Go wherever—and to whomever—you’re needed. Wherever your heart dictates. Just take that first step. And then another. And another.

This is what I’ve learned. You take one step … God takes ten. Take two, and He takes twenty. Faith, you see, is exponential—and our Creator excels at heavy lifting. That’s how it works. It’s a divine partnership fueled by His enabling grace … giving you the strength to push through.

Think of it this way. You were created for “such a time as this.” In other words, there’s a broken world out there and people need what you have. Even if you don’t yet know you have it. Trust me—you do.





  1. findingmaj

    Fantastic inspirational intro. I too am a “late starter” being brave enough to make change and live the life I dreamed of. Being brave every minute, every day, is exhausting … but I wouldn’t change a thing. Stay strong!


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