“Hi From the Sky” Airline Review: Canada’s West Jet Airline’s Plus Seating Gets a C-minus and Here’s Why …

Paid for Plus Upgrade on Canada’s WestJet airlines to London. Worth it? I think not.  Here’s why.

“More leg room” is a negligible difference. At least on the jet I was on. Oddly on the considerably shorter flight from LA to Vancouver the Plus seating had a lot more leg room. Go figure.

Wifi wouldn’t connect. And they charge … even though you paid a tidy sum to get premium service. You try to connect for several hours and find out that the only way you can do so is if you agree to store your credit card info on their site.  Hello, extortion in the sky.

The flight attendants smile and call you “Miss … so and so ” then slap a senior cow from Salisbury on your tray, only to disappear for hours behind the iron curtain … leaving you with your piece of shoe leather.

The outlet to charge your phone is almost unreachable. And completely unreachable when the sleeping passenger in front of you has their seat reclined.

You finally manage to reach the plug after the sleeping passenger (wearing a weird beanie hat that looks like he was in a ski accident) wakes up.

Your relief is short-lived however as it turns out the plug is dead … dead .. dead.

So, while your butt is growing numb and your anxiety over an impending dead phone (as you land on foreign soil without the right cord to charge it) builds, you wait yet again for either the flight attendant to appear ( gone are the call buttons of yesteryear) …or your still sleeping Millennial seat mate to wake up.

… I ask you, why does a millennial need to sleep for four hours while a boomer is going on three hours sleep in the past 24-hours and still isn’t tired?

Wake up, Millennial, wake up! I need you.

On the plus side, with Plus seating you get …

  • Priority seating which means guaranteed overhead bin space
  • A place to hang your iPad on the back of seat in front of you.
  • A half way decent healthy breakfast

Oh, and whoopdeedo …. warm towel service. Uh … I’d rather have a hot spot–or even a hot toddy–thank you very much.


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